Folk tale: A lang Zhong returned home to worship his ancestors during the Spring Festival. When he saw a silver needle inserted in the censer, he turned and ran away

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Ming Dynasty Hongwu years, not far from the castle peak of the town, ten years, there has been a strange thing, as long as it is to the Qingming festival and Chinese New Year, the town will come out a few more patients.The people of the town hardly paid much attention to these patients, who were suffering from sad or strange illnesses, because after the two days everything would go back to normal.But in the eyes of the willing heart, there is no hiding, as if there is a certain purpose.Eight hundred miles away, in the imperial capital of Nanjing, in a dilapidated house, lived a teacher named Chen Lin. At the age of forty, he supported himself by teaching.He was not a local man, but he had fled here ten years earlier, and because he could read, he had ended up teaching to support his family.Early in the morning, haven’t got up, there was a knock on the door outside, and the sound is rapid, dangdang dang!Speaks volumes about the eagerness of the visitor.A male voice came in: Mr. Chen up?My son is ill, still ask husband to see!The neighbors were not surprised, because Chen Lin, the teacher, was not only good at teaching, but also had some medical skills. People did not know what his medical skills were, but when he had any diseases, they usually came to him, at least for a little money.That’s right!Chen Lin also receives money for seeing a doctor, but only rarely. Seeing a doctor seems to be his hobby.Chen Lin, who had just got up, heard the cry and opened the door. When he got to the courtyard, he opened the door without asking who it was. Seeing the man outside, he recognized him and asked, “Lao Li!What’s going on?When the man saw him, he quickly told Chen Lin about his son’s illness. Chen Lin frowned and said, I’ll go and have a look.He followed the man several blocks to the door of a house, where he entered.Both of them were poor, and the house was better than his own, but it was also limited. They pushed the door and entered. There was a boy lying on the bed.Chen Lin hurried forward and directly examined his pulse. He asked some questions casually. A moment later, he took pen and ink and wrote a prescription.After taking the money, Chen Lin said, “The child is just typhoid fever. After taking medicine, he will be cured in a few days. Don’t worry too much!”The man was worried, but when he heard him out, he was relieved, for he had seen patients over the years who rarely had any accidents.Took the money, went out, found a dumpling shop, bought two steamed buns, had early, then went to school, began the day’s work.It was a typical day for the man. When he got home in the evening, he managed to get some food and sat down by the lamp in deep thought.Have left home for ten years, the heart has been thinking of home, thinking of going home to parents grave, before he is to take refuge, had to stay away from home, but ten years, things should calm down, so at the moment he, homesickness timid, become more and more thick.As the end of the New Year approached, Chen Lin thought for a while and decided to return home to worship his ancestors.The next day, went to the school, told the person in charge, asked for leave, went home to pick up things, toward home, that is, the direction of the Castle peak.There is no extra money to rent a car, can only walk, 800 li, although not close, but ten days is enough to get home.It was really a long journey. After seventeen days, Chen Lin finally saw the appearance of the town. His eyes were wet for ten years.But when he came here, this man, dressed as a scholar, and carrying the bundle behind him, could not tell anything, and entered.Chen Lin used to be a fat man, but now he has lost 50 to 60 kilograms. Besides, he has been away for more than ten years. Even if his parents see him, they are not likely to recognize him.When I arrived in town, I looked around, as if it were consistent with my memory. I saw some acquaintances, but there was no sign of greeting.When those people saw him entering the town, they thought he was an outsider and did not pay much attention to him. Not far ahead was their ancestral temple. It was not big.At this moment, an old man dressed in a grey robe, staggered to the near front, directly embrace his leg cried: good people good!Old crock got incurable disease, life hangs by a thread, help me see!I don’t want to die!Seeing the man’s pale face and broken right foot, Chen Lin couldn’t bear to say, “Are you rich enough for me to see a doctor?”At these words, a flash of exultation, which had been implacable to this man, instantly vanished, and the man, controlling his voice, said: I have only a farthing!Chen Lin said, “My rule is not to see a doctor if you have no money. This is the family motto. But even if you pay me a cent, I will see a doctor for you.Hearing this, the man felt even more uncomfortable. He was about to burst into laughter. He took out a copper coin from his bosom and handed it over.After taking the money, Chen Lin began to feel his pulse, looked at the man’s face, asked about some symptoms, and wrote a prescription, saying: If you follow this prescription, you will be cured in half a month.The man immediately knelt down to thank, also do not say there is no money of the matter, took the medicine ran.Looking at the footsteps of this person hurried away, Chen Lin always feel where is wrong, but at that time can not think of where there is a problem, so toward the ancestral temple walked.He paused for a few breaths and felt a little excited, for he had owned the house before, but now he dared not pass it.As dusk approached, the smoke from kitchen smoke came from every household, Chen Lin stopped outside his ancestral temple and sat outside, just like a traveler taking a rest.When it was dark, he took a key from his bundle, opened the brass lock, and went in.After closing the door, I came to the main hall of the ancestral temple. In fact, it was not big. There were only a dozen tablets, including those of my parents.Chen Lin lit a candle and knelt down on the futon. He was about to kowtow. The tears in his eyes had rolled down and he was very sad because he had not come to worship for ten years.But when he got down on his knees to kowtow, he stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the censer, in which were now inserted three silver needles, which the doctor used to cure his disease.Brain shock, a sense of urgency immediately emerged, in an instant, recall the origin of these three silver needles.Ten years ago, Chen Lin was still very young. At that time, Chen Lin’s family was very important in this small town, because Chen Lin’s father was very skillful in medicine. When Chen Lin was passed on to him, he was also a famous doctor.However, the Family motto of the Chen family is that no matter who you see a doctor, you should charge for it. This is the first ancestral motto.One day, Chen Lin came home from the county town. He saw an old beggar in the town. The old beggar was not feeling well and was kneeling in front of the hospital, which was Chen Lin’s home.At that time, Chen Lin was the head of the family, who could not see this, but there were family rules and regulations. Finally, as long as the disease was cured first, the old beggar really had no money, but Chen Lin still did not ask for money, and this was the only free treatment for him.Really is magical, this old beggar after not long, was actually sick body recovery, but at this time, in order to take refuge, this Chen Lin fled here overnight, but out of the house on the old beggar.The old beggar stopped him and said: I know you go out to hide disaster, so, you give me three silver needles, if there is danger, I will be in your ancestral temple incense burner, as long as you see, then escape as soon as possible!This was a good thing. It seemed that the old beggar wanted to repay his kindness, so Chen Lin was so moved that he left three silver needles.This is the story at that time, Chen Lin in a moment to pass, then did not dare to stay, blew out the candle, turned to leave.But at this time, there is a horse sound to the vicinity, Chen Lin heart knows not good, from the bundle, prepared a pack of powder, in the ancestral temple.No less than five men, one of them, entered, the chief of whom was a fat man; the rest were servants, but they looked fierce.The head of the people into the ancestral temple, nose smell smell, feel a burst of intoxication, said: Chen Lin, ten years, you do not still fall in my hands, simply point, will the medicine king treasure dian hand out, I let you a way to live?Chen Lin had already seen that beside him stood a man who happened to be the one he had to save during the day. It seemed that all this was a trap!Think of here, in the heart regret, this person with the help of his nature, to arrange this bureau for him.Chen Lin sneer way: want medicine king treasure book, no way!It’s an heirloom of mine, and you want it too!The man began to speak, but at that moment the man swayed and staggered, not only himself, but also the others.Chen Lin was a little puzzled, he had sprinkled some powder of this effect before, but there was absolutely no such quick effect.Those several people now, already so, the body shaking, seems to be drunk general.Chen Lin quickly took the opportunity to rush out of the ancestral temple, disappeared in the night, exit from the town, from the location of the old beggar stopped, ready to thank this person.A black figure stood up, trembling. Chen Lin asked, are you Liu Dahu?That black figure listened to, flustered way: Liu Dahu has died a month.Hear here, Chen Lin meng, Liu Dahu died, so who will be three silver needles inserted into the censer?Chen Lin rushed to the outside of the town with puzzlement. When he reached the entrance of the town, a man blocked the way. Then he saw liu Da, the old beggar.At the sight of this man, Chen Lin’s face became solemn. The old beggar just said, “I have finally seen you, and I have repaid your kindness!”After saying this, he disappeared into the darkness. Chen Lin also fled into the darkness with a strange look.Such an escape, then returned to Nanjing directly, afterwards please person, just inquire, originally this beggar Liu Dahu is really long dead, Chen Lin was immersed in meditation.Finish story!Xiaobian says: As a doctor, Chen Lin disobeyed his ancestors’ instruction for the first time by treating a doctor, and received a reward. Even though the old beggar turned into a ghost, he still kept his promise and informed him, saving his life.Chen Lin’s kindness for the second time turned out to be a trick of others. Please comment on what Chen Lin did. Should it be?Note: folk stories are also a form of communication of literature, do not link with feudal superstition, please pay more attention to the author, continue to enjoy the next folk stories!