China’s space launch is the world’s first, the United States immediately jealous, launched sanctions on the relevant companies

2022-04-27 0 By

After China launched the most space satellites in the world, the US government immediately began to be jealous and could not sit still. It viciously launched sanctions against relevant enterprises, and the Foreign Ministry strongly responded.In recent years, with the continuous development of China’s comprehensive strength, China’s popularity and influence in the international community has risen rapidly. We have proved ourselves with strength and proved that Today’s China is no longer what it used to be. Gradually, we have been recognized by countries around the world.China in the field of economy and the development of space, is obvious to all countries around the world, according to figures from the China aerospace science and technology group related, with test satellite communication technology into 9, 2021 in China’s space mission complete MSC, at the same time, the quantity also hit a record high of 2021 space launch, a total implemented 55 missions,It has successfully sent 100 spacecraft into space, ranking first in the number of annual space launches in the world, and the success rate of long March rocket launches is also world-class.But unfortunately, after seeing China’s rapid development in the space sector, the United States immediately became jealous and announced that it would launch sanctions against our relevant enterprises.According to reports, the US Federal Register website recently released a document, the US government has decided to impose sanctions on the first Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the fourth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and Poly Technology Corporation for their missile technology proliferation activities.The Us should mind its own business and seriously reflect on its proliferation record. You have no right to make irresponsible remarks on other countries’ military trade cooperation.Relevant analysts believe that everybody can see come out with us is obviously to see China’s space technology is too rich, so I think the development of our further depress, the so-called “missile technology diffusion” is merely a false reason, but this kind of behavior is very stupid, because China’s space development throughout the whole situation, we can see,There have been many such sanctions against China, but what have been the results?As a result, no matter how much the US suppressed China, China’s development was not affected by such actions of the US. On the contrary, the more the US suppressed China, the faster our development was. This shows that China’s rise has been unstoppable, and no matter how the US suppressed China, it is futile.All in all, we should remind the United States that it is in its interest to stop interfering and suppressing China and to stop smearing its image in the international community in a timely manner. If it persists and angers China, it will not be easy to end up doing so.(Mathenmoon)