Changzhi city held the spring land greening and forest grass fire prevention work video meeting

2022-04-27 0 By

On February 11th, after listening to the province’s spring land greening and forest and grass fire prevention and control teleconference, Changzhi city immediately held a video conference to arrange and arrange the city’s spring land greening and forest and grass fire prevention and control work. Zhang Lifong, standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive vice Mayor attended and made a speech.Zhang Lifeng stressed that the spring is to do a good job of afforestation and forest fire prevention at the key time of the various departments at various levels shall practically capture afforestation golden period, around the taihang mountains, river dawen river basin, ZhuoZhangHe basin and other key areas, clear the task of trees, to carry out the good money, responsibility, measures, afforestation, built Lin, good management of woodland according to regulation in accordance with the law.We need to do a solid job in forest fire prevention and fire prevention, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers on power lines, strengthen routine patrols in forest areas and border areas, crack down on violations of forest fire prevention laws and regulations, firmly control the use of fire and straw burning in the field, and strictly prevent arson.Layer upon layer compaction responsibility, clarify the responsibility of prevention and rescue between departments, strengthen coordination and cooperation between departments;Strengthen the publicity of forest and grass fire prevention, and strengthen the awareness of fire prevention;We will strengthen emergency response, establish a “through-train” mechanism, and ensure that in the event of a fire outbreak, we will promptly report to the scene, mobilize sufficient resources, and take corresponding measures, so as to resolutely prevent and contain major forest fires.(Source: Changzhi Daily Shi Xiaoping)