Bid farewell to zha push called “Zi Han” era, another batch of students burst the name out, the teacher saw a headache

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Parents should be careful when choosing students’ names.A name is one of the most important business cards for a student, and it is also the one that follows the student the longest, from the birth of the student, to the growing age of the student into an adult, and then to the process of slowly getting old.The name will follow the students all the time, we have the same experience in this process, students in school are called by the name, at home, in addition to the name, parents will have the possibility to call nicknames.The importance of name to students is very great, students and classmates in class, or teachers for students are called each other by name, when students and new classmates meet, the first introduction is what their name is.Students who have a good name will leave a deep impression. Do you have students with the same name in your class?If there will be some trouble, it will not be very good to distinguish, do not know that no parents to name students, love to use some hot frequency words, such as “Zi Han” and so on.Parents named with hot frequency words, and then appeared zha push called “Zi han” situation of parents in the name of students with hot frequency words, and then appeared zha push called “Zi Han” situation, from a class of students register, there were three students named “Zi Han”.The names of the three students are called zi Han. In addition to the first name is not the same, the last two characters in the name are exactly the same.If the teacher handed out the exercise book, if only shouted “Zi Han”, it is estimated that three students came out together.In addition to the shape of the same “Zi han” is difficult to distinguish, pronunciation is also not very easy to distinguish, a teacher in the second floor of the school corridor saw the monitor of class 4, the result shouted “Zi han”.As a result, three students turned around and said “Hello, teacher”. The teacher was frightened and stood still for a few seconds before he realized that there were three students in the class who pronounced “Zi Han”, namely Zi Han, Zi Han and Zi Han.Personal analysis of the name of the hot frequency words is equivalent to students named, more popular words, if parents use this kind of word to name students, it will be easy to appear the same shape and pronunciation.If they are all in the same class or grade, the teacher may not be able to distinguish well, and it is easy to get confused.But the popular words in students’ names will change, and when the “Zi han” craze passes, a wave of other popular names will emerge.Bid farewell to zha push called “Zi han” era, and a group of students of the explosive name, the teacher looked at the headache in the name of the students, if there is a new hot frequency word, it will have a feeling of saying goodbye to zha push called “Zi Han” era, and then parents in the name of the students, will choose to use the new hot frequency word.Then there will be another batch of students’ explosive names out of the oven, in the face of high similarity of students’ names, teachers will inevitably have a headache.From the relevant statistics, the girl’s popular style name is ruoxi, xi, Yun Xi, Yi Han, Zi han, Shi Han, Core, Tong, Xin Yi and Xin Yan.Boys in the explosion of money name are mu Chen, Hao Yu, Hao Ran, Yi Chen, Yu Chen, Mu Chen, also Chen, catalpa hao, stars and Yu Xuan.Compare with before of schoolgirl if xi, yun xi and yi han, and the mu Chen of schoolboy and mu Chen are newly jin burst money name.After investigation, it is found that parents like to use xi, han, yan, Xuan, Yao, tong, Xin, Yi, meng and Tong when naming female students. These hot frequency characters are quite elegant and beautiful.When parents name male students like to use Chen, Chen, Yu, Ze, xuan, Lin, Rui, Yang, hang and hao and other words to join the name of the students, this kind of hot frequency words are relatively Elegant and masculine.In the name of students, parents must be careful not to give students to the name of too strange, not to give students too strange name, too much pursuit of personality, it is not a good thing.There is a primary school student called Chou big head, the result of another classmate’s parents heard their own children shout somebody else big head, parents listened to its said not to call nickname, so too impolite, the result standing in the side of the primary school grandmother said that this is the name.When it comes to picking names for students, it’s best not to give them too complicated names, with one parent giving a primary school pupil a name that adds up to 113 names.As a result, primary school students broke down when writing their names in the examination room, and they cried while writing their names.Parents should think about students learning to write the name of helplessness, write more names, will not represent you read more books, but will bring trouble to students.It is up to the parents to choose the names of the students, so that it will be easier to bring good wishes to the students.Parents can add their expectations of the student to the name. They can come up with several alternative names and then choose the one they are most satisfied with.Topic of the day: Is your name among the popular names?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the chatty xuege (above picture source network, please contact delete infringement)