Seal script Heart Sutra in Tokyo National Museum, Japan

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The twelve screens of The Heart Sutra is the best work of Wu Changshuo in his later years, which is now stored in the Tokyo National Museum.Each screen is 132.5 cm high and 30.2 cm wide.Roughly, each word is about 10 centimeters square.The whole text was 268 words, and except for the opening title “Prajaparamita Heart Sutra” and the last line, all the other columns had 12 words, and the seal on the right side of the lower half of each page was the Tao on tile.There are several phrases and words in the Heart Sutra with high repetition frequency, which is not easy to deal with. Throughout the whole book, it is easy to finish without fatigue.Finally, there was a postscript: “I have seen Bai Weng once seal the Eight frame of the Heart Sutra.For a long time, I will take this.He sees no evil in himself.It’s late spring.”It can be known that Wu Changshuo wrote this work is inspired, dare not say beyond the former masters, but the heart and the ancients fight for a position of ambition is still some, an old hero, costringing.Wu Changshuo seal script clan stone drum, after more than 60 years, to old.The work was completed in 1917, when Wu was 74 years old.In his old age, he was in full bloom.Welcome to browse “Wen Mo Run Silent”, which aims to inherit the essence of red culture, innovate and improve cultural quality, and display the charm of calligraphy and painting culture.We will uphold the concept of inheritance and development, constantly innovate ways of thinking, plan and expand development approaches, gather excellent art resources, and enrich the connotation of culture and art.Strive to make wenmorunsilent into a platform for the communication of painting and calligraphy culture and art, to provide the society with high-quality painting and calligraphy art works, to make new contributions to the healthy and prosperous development of painting and calligraphy art, to promote the essence of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Follow, like, favorites, share, retweet.Announcement: Part of the content pushed by this platform comes from the network, if there is infringement, you can directly contact toutiao number backstage, we will deal with it in the first time, the Internet is a resource sharing ecosystem, we advocate sharing.