Neighborhood trifles provoke dissension prosecutor handle case gently promote reconciliation

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“I thank the prosecution for helping us reconcile. I have deeply realized my mistake. I will abide by the law and live in harmony with my neighbors in the future.”On April 7, songtao Procuratorate made a relative decision not to prosecute a suspect in a neighborhood dispute caused by intentional injury case, Tian Mou a, he was moved to say.Basic case: one day in July last year, the suspect Tian mou a and the victim Tian Mou b due to neighborhood trivia dispute, two people in the quarrel process, Tian Mou A hit Tian Mou B mouth a punch, tian Mou B three teeth fall off.Through appraisal, the damage of tian mou b belongs to minor injury level 2.Handling process: The case is a criminal case caused by neighborhood disputes. The two families have been old neighbors for decades, and the neighborhood relationship has been very harmonious. If “a lawsuit” is filed, the two families will become enemies.In order to achieve the settlement of the case and the handling effect, in the examination and arrest stage, on the one hand, the handling prosecutor fully interprets the law for Tian Jia, so that he can understand the mistakes and legal consequences, on the one hand, actively contact the close relatives of both sides to communicate, to understand the willingness and appeal of the mediation of both sides.Finally, after multi-mediation, both sides shake hands and make peace, tian mou a compensation tian Mou B 15,000 yuan loss, and apologize, Tian Mou B also voluntarily understanding Tian Mou A.During the review and prosecution stage, the prosecutor visited both sides’ homes for investigation and listened to the opinions of both sides.We also took the initiative to invite NPC deputies, CPPCC members, investigators and other representatives to attend public hearings to listen to the voices of the society. After evaluation, the hearing members agreed that:Neighbors rose to see, now the two sides have been reconciled, if the prosecution may cause greater contradiction, in order to ensure the effect of litigation source governance, promote neighborhood disputes from the source to resolve, agreed to make a relative non-prosecution of Tian.Processing result: through comprehensive review all case evidence, to undertake both neighbourhoods, prosecutors case sparked occasional contradictions, minor crime, Tian Mou armour with candor, voluntary confession forfeit their punishment, such as plot, actively compensate the Tian Mou b and understanding, social contradictions has been completely resolved, hence the relative not to prosecute decision.Prosecutors method: as the saying goes, better good neighbours near than relations far away, neighbors ought to reconciliation, neighborhood minutiae is contested, should calm processing, seeking more grassroots organizations to talk things over solve, or through the legal rights and interests maintenance, must not hurt others on the spur of the moment, otherwise will not only bring myself to violate the law, will give two families.Author: Yang Renjing Review: Xiong Yong Editor: Pomegranate