Luhe police station “four intensification” to protect the safety of the masses

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Introduction during the Spring Festival, loue xihe county public security bureau police station jurisdiction practice, peg to activity “millions of police into thousands of family” as the breakthrough point, focus on the masses reflect strong hidden perils in illegal and criminal, district public security, prevention of telecom network fraud, help solve contradiction dispute, and as a “barometer” and “compass”, will be mobilized to go all out,To carry out social security governance and hidden trouble investigation work, effectively do prevention first, prevention first, maximize the sense of security and satisfaction of the people, to ensure that the area of the people to live a peaceful and peaceful New Year.During the Spring Festival, friends and family have dinner parties, bars, KTV and other entertainment venues after drinking, brawling, gambling, drugs and other public security risks are prominent.To create a good public security environment, the policemen will intensify inspection of key industries place continuously, practitioners to the places and jurisdiction solid masses will increase publicity and education concerning the growing industry workers, law-abiding business ideas, to contain all kinds of potential safety hazard and place in the occurrence of pornography and other illegal and criminal activities.Over the years, marriage disputes, land disputes, neighborhood disputes and other conflicts frequently occur when migrant workers return home during the Spring Festival holiday.To timely eliminate contradictions in the embryonic stage, the policemen actively play a householder, village cadres and public security forces, proactive, solid disputes help solve work, conscientiously do contradiction early discovery, early mediation, and resolve disputes, and effectively prevent “people turn punishment” turn “punishment” of the case, for the masses to celebrate the New Year to build the good social public security order.Publicity, focus on the people’s livelihood and strengthening prevention of telecom fraud in the face of telecom fraud cases multiple, high incidence trend, loue police station to fighting against the masses of telecom network fraud crime, whom he as “I get things done for the populace” practice, solve the problem of the masses “distress sorrow for” top priority, with the help of police “a program under which officials” activities during the Spring Festival,Walk into the village to introduce the masses to brush single, posing as an acquaintance fraud and other multiple fraud cases, and remind the masses to brush their eyes to see through the scam, tree firm self-prevention consciousness and improve the ability to consciously resist telecom fraud, avoid economic losses, intentions with affection to keep the people’s money bags.On the return trip of the Spring Festival, a large area of continuous snow and cooling weather in the county brought severe challenges to road traffic.Facing the wind and snow weather, loue sent so to make snow, positive response, full inspections on the road, the remind vehicles to install chain, take an active part in snow removal work bao chang, all safe, smooth, prevent accidents, ensure that all measures implemented, minimize traffic jams and traffic accidents, ensure the jurisdiction orderly, safe and smooth road traffic.Source: Luhe Police Station supervised production | Cheng Liang audit | Wu Yaqiong editor | Dynasty release | Xihe Public Security Rong Media Center