Jining Rencheng: Anfu Street, Fuqiao Street community organization Volunteers study “Shandong Province Voluntary Service Regulations”

2022-04-26 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 8 news in order to enhance the awareness of volunteer service, understand the voluntary service regulations, improve the level of volunteer service, February 8, Jining City, Fuqiao Street Anfu street community organization community volunteers, staff to learn “Shandong Province voluntary service Regulations”.In the process of learning, volunteers are very serious, through learning, community volunteers familiar with the content of the Regulation, the Regulation includes general provisions, volunteers and voluntary service organizations and other 45 articles, comprehensive provisions of the basic principles of voluntary service, management system, rights and interests protection, promotion measures and other content.This will be very helpful for their future volunteer activities.The volunteers said that they would follow the spirit of volunteer service by skillfully using the regulations to better serve society.