From where does gu Ailing’s powerful heart come?Three lessons for ordinary people

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On the day of Lantern Festival, Gu Ailing’s “second jump and fall” became a hot search. The talented girl who just won the Olympic gold medal made a mistake and fell in the freestyle ski slopestyle competition, which made people all over the country nervous. But the fact proves that you can always trust Gu Ailing!In the final jump, Gu overcame the pressure of errors and unleashed all her abilities to win the silver medal and make it to the podium of the Winter Olympics again.Although Gu Ailing failed to win the gold medal, she gave everyone a good lesson, let the Chinese people see her strong heart, optimistic and open-minded, as well as the tenacity of their own life.So what kind of education and experience made her so strong inside?Gu Ailing was born in an elite family in the United States. Her father is a Harvard graduate, and her mother is a successful woman who graduated from Peking University and Stanford university. However, her parents have been divorced since birth, and she grew up in a single-parent family.But this did not affect Gu’s life. She started skiing at age 3, won her first National championship at age 9, and won more than 50 gold MEDALS before she was 16.She officially became a Chinese citizen at the age of 15. Less than a year later, she won seven gold MEDALS for China and became the first world Double champion in THE history of the International Skating Federation.Gu looks as good as Hollywood actresses. She is proficient in cross-country, marathon, equestrian, archery, singing, ballet, basketball, rock climbing and soccer. She taught herself two years of high school courses in one year and was admitted to Stanford University with nearly full marks in the US SAT college entrance examination.You may say that children from elite families are excellent, but in order to practice skiing, she broke her collarbone, fractured her foot bone, fell on her head and lost memory on the spot. She was diagnosed with concussion and torn ligaments in her right hand…Ordinary people any one is enough to stop, but she can carry all the pain and pain tired to move on.The following story also lets us see Gu Ailing’s excellent psychological quality.SAT GuAiLing 17 years old to participate in the United States, the university entrance exam eve, the plane is delayed delayed schedule, GuAiLing ready to take a taxi to the examination room, and because the rainy day can’t hit a car, a normal mentality all collapsed, at this time but GuAiLing directly braved the rain ran to the examination room, on time to attend the exam, final exam 1580 points out of 1600 in Stamford.This is gu Ailing with a strong heart.’It’s not easy, but it’s fun,’ she said in an interview after the race. ‘IT’s always been fun.’In her eyes, a mistake is not a fall or not winning, but quitting the game and giving up inside.In her world view, only giving up is a mistake, everything else is normal.All the way through the competition, her mother always said: You don’t have to win the gold medal, but I respect your decision.Gu has lived with uncertainty pressure since she was 8 years old.She knew that being aware of and actively using the subtle cues in every sense helped her to succeed, just as her second jump failed, she learned to break through her third jump and perform it perfectly.In early interviews, she said she prided herself on coping with stress as an adult by boosting her self-esteem and reducing her need for external approval.Whether alone or in front of a worldwide audience, she focused on gratitude, observation, and the joy the sport brought me.This is the secret of a strong heart.Love produces concentration, concentration brings enjoyment, and life is her playground.Hard work, love, courage, optimism, tenacity, positive energy, not afraid of rumors to pursue the future, calmly deal with adversity, a person to live a light, illuminate countless love and pursuit of Chinese youth, this should be the new era of China’s real top idol.