Eslon laser ice melting and clearing machines help the Winter Olympics

2022-04-26 0 By

Jiangsu Laser Union unit Esilan with laser ice melting and cleaning equipment to help the Beijing Winter Olympics.Request according to the Beijing Olympics SGC power supply protection programs, effectively cope with the rain and snow freeze disaster during winter weather extremes, such as its alliance units designated suzhou YiSi lincom electrical response of the CPC Central Committee and the SGC party organizations, provincial party committee called for company, company support power supply security of melting ice in winter Olympics antifreeze in teams and power operations security team,With the new portable ice melting equipment developed by Aislan Optoelectronics Co., LTD. – laser ice melting instrument and laser clearance instrument, through the power safety series related training, to provide nearly 2 months of power supply service for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.YiSiLan work team at the winter Olympics series laser de-icing is designed specifically for remote high ice quickly cleared, the laser de-icing is the use of special wavelength laser as light source, USES air-cooled, compact structure design, the electro-optic conversion efficiency higher than 35%, and maintenance free operation etc, high cost efficiency, the same power of laser is much better than the other type.Adopt international standard fiber collimation focusing integrated micro output head, international standard RS232 serial control laser.This series of laser deicing apparatus adopts specific output laser wavelength to provide absorption efficiency of ice water, and the maximum distance of ice removal can be up to 160m.Also appearing in the Winter Olympic Games is the laser cleaner developed and produced by Aisilan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and State Grid. The product is sold at home and abroad, and is the designated power protection product for G20 summit and major national conferences, sports events and so on.Laser melting ice laser wrecker YiSiLan developed laser de-icing YiSiLan work cuhk state activities during the research and development of lasers, suzhou YiSiLan support Olympic protect electric centralized advantage resources, to ensure “zero defect zero fault”, is widely used new technology, equipment state inspection carried out hidden governance, ensure safety power supply.Source of team staff: Jiangsu Laser Alliance unit Esilan Jiangsu Laser Alliance Chen Changjun reprinted