Another president changing face to China?Tsai Ing-wen was invited to the inauguration ceremony, but Lai was more promising

2022-04-26 0 By

Not long ago, the nicaraguan government says is going to cut off “diplomatic relations” with Taiwan, the biggest news instantly set off the world’s media, Taiwan authorities to seek more countries and make important target, but instead, the number of these countries has left, some media speculated that after Nicaragua, Honduras will be cut off “diplomatic relations” with Taiwan,However, things have changed. Due to internal and external collusion, plus the INVOLVEMENT of the United States, another country has changed its face against China.President hong attitude elusive, according to the media that the incoming days of Honduras’s new President, to invite ms tsai to inauguration, but CAI will now travel to attend is uncertain, because the new President on the campaign trail he claimed that if they elected to establish diplomatic ties with China, abandon the relations with Taiwan.However, no one knows what kind of medicine is being sold by the invitation to Chae.If Mr Tsai is invited to attend the ceremony but Hong continues to establish diplomatic relations with China, the Taiwanese authorities will lose face around the world.So CAI is unlikely to be invited to the event.Taiwan media said that Lai Qingde may “visit” for him, he will participate in the activities as a “special envoy”, but the Taiwan authorities to this news evasive, has not made a positive reply.In fact, this is a kill two birds with one stone arrangement, after all don’t want to go to the ceremony, hong tsai and lai to attend the activities at this time, can lay a foundation for his future in the race, not only such, lai would not rule out in the rush to go to America to visit process, with some government officials “to discuss”, for all kinds of support in the United States, improve himself forces in Taiwan.Therefore, whether CAI will attend the event or not, the Taiwan authorities will definitely send personnel to attend the event. After all, there are only 14 so-called “diplomatic relations” left now. If we reduce them further, all these years of careful planning will be in vain.Since modern times, In order to realize the so-called “independence” dream, Taiwan authorities have constantly courted other countries to establish “diplomatic relations” with them, but these countries are basically some small countries, they will not have a substantial impact on China.On the contrary, now China’s development speed is obvious to all, the Chinese market contains huge business opportunities, so more and more countries take the initiative to announce the “severance of relations” with Taiwan, and to establish relations with China.Recently, foreign ministers of six Middle East countries visited China intensively to deepen cooperation and discuss development together.Wang yi said the people of the Middle East are the masters of the region. There has never been a “power vacuum” in the Middle East, and there is no need for “foreign parents”.Disclaimer: This article is created by The Times interpretation, source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Part of the news reference source: China Taiwan network