This peace of mind is my hometown, like jing Shang pure ceramic health pot flavor

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Fireworks gas is the most insipid good in this life, when the wine song, New Year’s Food delicious, New Year’s day good wow ~ drink a bowl of hu spicy soup the whole meat sandwich mo!Carbon water and meat to point, happy for a year;Would burst onion chicken juice, super lazy, onion fragrant, tender meat delicious, delicious to cry ~ north and south of the festival atmosphere is not the same, compared to the north of various hard white red meat dishes, feeling the festival atmosphere is warm soft, southern guangdong Chinese New Year, family dinner is popular all kinds of clay pot soup, drink a bowl of hot, warm stomach and warm,Besides, it is really too cold today in Guangdong for Chinese New Year, so we must arrange warm soup, which is simple and super nourishing and warm heart and stomach. Every day, we can use Jingshang pure ceramic health pot to boil a pot of soup, happy New Year, and every day is not the same, various, nutritious and delicious!Fish head tofu soup in a casserole is a must on the Chinese New Year table. Traditionally, the casserole is used to cook the soup, which is also one of the traditional cooking methods in Guangdong. The soup is delicious and tastes good, especially fish during the Chinese New Year, which means there is more than one year after year!Now, we can completely use Jingshang pure ceramic health pot to do a pot of fish head tofu soup, tofu and fish nutrition is high, and the soup is delicious not greasy, men and women all like to drink fish soup delicious, tofu is smooth and tender, let alone with Jingshang pure ceramic health pot is simple and time-saving!It’s so lovely to make soup with Jingshang pure ceramic health preservation pot: Prepare the head of bouti fish and clean it.Cut tofu into strips;Jingshang pure ceramic health pot heat, then add oil, put the fish head fried until slightly yellow;Put the fish head, tofu, ginger slices together into jingshang pure ceramic health pot, and then put in the right amount of water, add water to soak ingredients;Cover the lid first with the fire after boiling, continue to boil for about 15 minutes or so, open the lid and then put some salt, chives, coriander, stir evenly, with Jingshang pure ceramic health pot to make fish head tofu soup is delicious!Love life love food, happy time in the kitchen is like this, and then a pot of spareribs yam soup, Jingshang pure ceramic health pot to do this spareribs soup fragrant beauty, glutinous sweet mountain herb powder, delicious and healthy health!The production method is simple, kitchen xiaobai can easily make delicious soup, the ribs will be cut into pieces, yams clean skin clean, cut good standby;Jingshang pure ceramic health pot into the right amount of water, after boiling, the ribs boiled out, in the jingshang pure ceramic health pot, then put yams, ginger and so on, the right amount of water, remember to soak the ingredients can, cover the lid after boiling, and then simmer for about 2 hours;After turning off the heat, remember to continue to simmer for 10 minutes before removing the lid, and then add a little salt and stir well.We want the life of the fireworks breath, is warm, is steaming hot, steaming hot New Year in Beijing is pure ceramic health pot, warm us, waiting for spring!