Premier League round 26 preview: Manchester City v Tottenham hotspur, Leeds v Manchester United

2022-04-25 0 By

In the 26th round of the English Premier League, Manchester City’s two champions are playing each other, one aiming for the title, the other aiming for the fourth, Manchester City’s opponents are stronger, Manchester United’s record is not stable, these two games, and therefore full of suspense.Manchester City lead the Barclays Premier League with 63 points from 25 games, nine points ahead of Liverpool, who have a game in hand.Tottenham are eighth with 36 points from 22 games, seven points behind fourth-placed Manchester United but three games behind and still in contention for four.Manchester City have won nine and drawn one of their last 10 matches in all competitions. Their only draw was a 1-1 draw with Southampton in the 23rd round of the English Premier League, a 4-0 win over Norwich in the last round of the English Premier League, and a 5-0 win over Portugal Sport in the first leg of the Uefa Champions League quarter-final.Spurs nearly 10 games in all 4-1-5, after the initial strength, conti coaching team short board, recently began exposed, was in the hands of the premier league for four initiative, failed to seize the opportunity to join Manchester united, west ham even lose points, the nearly three rounds of three consecutive defeat, if it is 3 in a row, has been taming the fourth place in the premiership.Tottenham, away from home, had the greater desire to win, but were too weak against the stronger, more recent form of the champions to take points at the Etihad.Leeds v Manchester United: The Red Devils are in fourth place in the barclays Premier League after winning 1 and drawing 2 in their last three games.Now in the premiership, was fourth united 43 points from 25 games, and want to to the next level is too difficult for the Chelsea game more than a third less 1 round the four points, accidentally dropped out of the first four possibly still, after all, just the fifth ahead of west ham 2 points, six, seven, eight Arsenal, wolves, spurs are at least less than Manchester united game 2 rounds.Leeds, who have not been as sharp in attack as they were in their first season back in the Premier League, are worse in defence and are 15th in the table with 23 points from 23 games, not far from the relegation zone.Leeds have won 2, drawn 2 and lost 6 in the last 10 games, and lost 1, drawn 2 in the last 3 rounds of the English Premier League.Manchester United have won five, drawn four and lost one of their last 10 matches in all competitions. Cristiano Ronaldo broke his goalscoring drought with a 2-0 home win over top-flight Brighton in the 18th round of the barclays Premier League.The team seems to be on the right track and, more importantly, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be back in form.The two sides have met in the last 10 times, with Leeds winning 1, drawing 3 and losing 6. Since Leeds returned to the Premier League, they have faced Manchester United 3 times in the Premier League, drawing 1 and losing 2.Leeds drew 0-0 at home to Manchester United last season and will be unable to get a point at home again this season.