New Year’s Eve | a year worry and joy tonight, one yuan after a new tomorrow

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New Year’s Eve, the most Chinese day and night even two years old, five more points two years.This night, the Chinese call it New Year’s Eve.With new easy old yue “except”, day and night alternately yue “xi”.New Year’s Eve is the magical intersection of the old and the New Year, the old to this night, get up early tomorrow for another New Year.A year of sorrow and joy tonight, one yuan after the beginning of the new tomorrow, in the days of bidding farewell to the old, let us “farewell” to “welcome” embrace the New Year.Today’s New Year’s Eve, the old beast called “year”, every 365 days a time down the mountain to hunt, from the kowtows to eat live, everyone talks about “year” color change.In order to pass the ominous New Year, every family cut red paper, paste Spring Festival couplets, painting door god, set off firecrackers, seal hospital door.Praying for good fortune is a Chinese New Year ritual.People believe that if you and I together, this night away, the New Year will be good with us.Today’s New Year’s Eve, we send off the old, ushered in the New Year.Every family’s New Year’s Eve Dinner Is the highlight of New Year’s Eve.As early as in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, China has the custom of New Year’s Eve dinner.In the Southern Dynasty, Liang Zonglin in “Jing Chu Sui Ji” recorded: “In Su Su, the family furniture is su Sui, in order to usher in the New Year, the gathering is a feast.”The New Year’s Eve dinner, also called reunion dinner, reunion dinner and family reunion, is the most important meal for families all the year round.The family sat together, enjoying the rare togetherness and affection.New Year’s Eve dinner is very exquisite, each dish must have auspicious meaning.First of all, there should be cold dishes hot dishes, hot dishes should have chicken and fish, meaning “good luck” and “surplus every year”.This fish can not be eaten in the New Year’s Eve, must be left, to complete the good meaning of this auspicious sentence.Secondly, the patterns should be fried, fried, steamed and boiled to show the importance of the New Year and look forward to a prosperous life in the coming year.Moreover, the number is also exquisite, the number of people in the family is not many, can do five or six, meaning “five classics leader” “66 dashun”.There are many family members, you can also make nine or ten, meaning “long and long” and “perfect”.In addition, there are yuanxiao, which means “round and round”, and nian Gao, which means “rising every year”.On New Year’s Eve, northerners must make dumplings.Making dumplings looks simple and easy, but in fact it is more about it.The wrappers are crescent-shaped to symbolize “Yin” and the roundly stuffed dumplings symbolize “Yang”.Make dumplings with twelve folds, symbolizing peace and harmony in the twelve months of the year.The shape of the dumplings resembles an ingot, and they are served steaming hot, which means “Make a fortune in the New Year, and the ingot rolls in”.Dumplings on New Year’s Eve can be filled with meat, while those eaten in the early hours of the morning must be filled with meat.In addition, the dumplings should be wrapped in a few coins, or put some sugar.The person who gets the coin will be rich in the coming year, and the person who gets the sugar will live a happy and sweet life.Today’s New Year’s Eve, I wish everyone can: every day is a good day, meals are delicious.People say: “Stay up all night on New Year’s Eve.”On New Year’s Eve, it is customary to stay up late and keep the lights on all night.Ancient people lit lanterns all night on Chinese New Year’s Eve to avoid evil spirits and light the way home for their ancestors.According to the custom from ancient times to the present, before the New Year’s Eve dinner, we should first offer incense to our ancestors and respectfully invite them to come home for a reunion.Often by the head of the family personally placed offerings, lit candles and incense.On lunar New Year’s eve, snacks are indispensable.In some places, there is also a bowl of “two rice”, cooked with rice and millet. The color is yellow or white, implying that the pot will be filled with gold and silver in the coming year.After placing the offerings, a large family of men, women and children worshiped in turn in front of the ancestral memorial tablet, reminding people to respect the virtuous filial piety, and be careful to end their lives.New Year’s Eve is the Chinese reunion night, sleepless night.Families get together and stay together.Waiting for the passing of the old year, watching the arrival of the New Year.Shousui, is in the old and new alternate node, cherish the time together.Age, time is also, the ancients deliberately selected the night with alternate meaning, in order to examine the peacetime ignored by people.The past heart can not get, the future heart can not get, we can keep only the present.Today’s New Year’s Eve, shousui, keep years, may time pass slowly, parents are healthy;Keep the eyes of the people, let the world reunion for a long time, family sitting idle.New Year’s Eve tonight treasure New Year’s Eve, a year will do the night.The clock of midnight is buried in the sound of firecrackers, and the calendar is getting a makeover.Let us all raise our glasses, not regretting the passing of yesterday, for a new day begins.Wake up and will be a new day, and will be a prosperous auspicious New Year.Today’s New Year’s Eve, I wish you: not for the past worries, only for tomorrow’s smile.◎ The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.