Maximum discount of 7000 for large dog replacement

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The appearance of Hafu Hafu big dog adopts a square and tough design style. The front face is square, and both sides are equipped with round big light groups. The whole car has a sense of retro.From the side, The Haval Haval Dog is an off-road SUV, so its front and back departure Angle will be very large, generally speaking, a tire height is not low model, in the bad road will be relatively large jitter.From the point of view of the shape design of the Haf Haf dog, the use of a large number of straight lines to outline, giving a hard feeling of the founder, the visual effect is very good.On the side of the body, the Huff Huff dog keeps the same style with the front face, with straight lines and raised eyebrows, it is very tough.Moreover, its square and wild appearance, a change in people in the hearts of the kind of heavy image, very suitable for the aesthetic of the current young people.In appearance, The Dog adopts a large number of straight lines, with the protrusion of the line on the hood, the large size of the three-horizontal intake grille, the thick bumper, the rough underguard, with a certain off-road atmosphere.Interior design, color matching is very lively.In terms of interior, the overall design of Huff Huff Dog combines hard off-road and technological fashion elements. The all-black color scheme and orange embellishment in details make the cabin style more youthful and energetic.The new online celebrity model — Haval Haval Dog, with 1.5T and 2.0t dual cars appeared in the interior successfully ended.Many elements of an urban SUV can be seen in a Harvard Dog.In terms of materials for work, there is a large area of enameling soft material on the surface of the central console, and black baking paint and orange stitches below, with orange embellishment of the central console and the platform, the overall effect makes people look very comfortable.The new car integrates a lot of technological elements in the cockpit interior. The double color design makes it look more personalized, and the interior is equipped with a knob shift mechanism.At the same time, The “automatic tracking and reversing function” and “automatic parking in all scenarios” provided by The Dog also make many people marvel.Speaking of the smart degree of Hafu big dog, the two people also talked about the ruffian young impression, a memorable, “female driver rescue” automatic tracking reversing and transparent chassis two functions, dog brother was invited to introduce the relevant work logic.For those who have higher requirements for configuration, the 2020 2.0T four-wheel drive version will also be equipped with adaptive cruise, lane keeping assistance system, and side pedals.When driving in a city, you don’t have to worry about missing a parking space any more, whether it is a narrow lane or a wide road.Instead of using the previously exposed spare tire, the Harvard Doggie has added a lid, which also adds a bit of wildness.And as a tide to play models for young people, Hafu dog also carry automatic parking, reversing track and other practical technology configuration, natural unreasonable.In off-road equipment, The Havard is equipped with six driving modes (economy/standard/sport/sand/mud/snow /), and supports six all-terrain modes, making it better off-road and road handling.Want to say the ideal model in each girl’s mind, affirmation can give her strongest sense of security.In terms of passive safety, the Haval Haval Dog with 77% biW high strength steel application ratio and 7 airbags and other configurations brings a sense of security and is a considerate partner.In terms of intelligent technology, The Harvard Dog is also equipped with AEB automatic braking, reversing tracking and a series of safety assistance functions.On the unseen level, the Haver-Haver-Dog with 77% biW high strength steel application ratio and 7 airbags and other configurations brings a sense of security and is a thoughtful companion.In terms of active safety, the Haver-Haver-Doggo also comes with the phone’s Bluetooth digital key, wireless charging, dual USB ports in the rear, chassis perspective technology and a large W-HUD screen.