Is AtV’s Lin Wei-chen the first emperor in Hong Kong?

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This article for the original, prohibit any form of reprint, reprint please contact the background, but welcome you forward to the circle of friends.The annual TVB Awards came to an end last week.As emperor Tan Junyan and as the birth of Lin Xia Wei, let the award ceremony into a war of words.TVB Awards myth: What happens in life?The TVB awards show in recent years has always been a bit of a throwback for viewers, but when it comes to the time when the gods fought each other, the top five should have won.And speaking of this award, do you know who is the first “emperor” in Hong Kong?Gallen lo?Chi-hwa wu?NO!Deng Deng Deng deng ~ Hong Kong’s first emperor, in fact, in 1997 ATV “a Taiwan Award ceremony” promulgated.It’s really called “A Taiwan Awards Ceremony”…Speaking of Taiwan Celebration, many people can only think of TVB Taiwan Celebration.In the past, TVB celebration was very lively, and there would be a lot of artists to do acrobatics. Eric Tsang jumped through the ring of fire, Andy Lau tried “chest broken rock”…Spring Festival gala as lively as TVB fifty years of Taiwan celebration, the most heart of the memory to kill unexpectedly is her!In fact, two wars of the time, atV also held their own Taiwan celebration, the lineup is also quite heyday, is also a variety of acrobatic show in turn, such as Chen Wei tried to take two big fans in the scene to walk the cable, inside the volume is very.In March 1997, ATV introduced various awards for the first time, such as “Favorite Drama Actor and Actress”, “Favorite Drama Supporting Actor and actress”, etc.So, ATV is the first TV award ceremony ah!The inferior of 90 time inspect, still be that can contend with TVB inferior inspect, classic drama is ceaseless, because this first inspect emperor 5 strong competition is intense, have Ma Jingtao, Lin Weichen, Liu Songren, Liu Zhirong, still have 4 elder brother Xie Xian even.The winner is Lin Wei Chen!He won atV’s title of “Most Popular TV Leading Actor” for his role as Fong Ha-man in Goodbye Sunshine, becoming the first TV king in Hong Kong.Lin Weichen plays fang He Wen, gentle and clean, also showing the noble bookish spirit, and “goodbye Sunny days” after this drama broadcast also harvest audience consistent praise, this emperor is really deserved.For his award is “elder sister Ming” Lin Jianming, next to sheren Tang Sheren also for the play “second uncle” to hug.It is worth mentioning that the emperor also performed an acrobatic project in front of him, swinging in the air, really very hard.Tan: In November of that year when I lost, TVB also added an award element. I don’t know if it was to highlight the difference with ATV, they gave the highest award to the male actor, “Best Male Performance in Drama”, and the winner was Luo Jialiang in The Brothers.Later, it was generally accepted that Lo was the first emperor of TVB, but because the two celebrations were held eight months apart, Lam was the first emperor of Hong Kong.See Lin Weichen this face, always naturally associated with the “ATV past”, but in fact Lin Weichen is a real TVB background, graduated from TVB artist training class in 1985.During his years at TVB, Lin played a variety of minor roles, including “Unrelentingly” and “Big Time.”In 1992, he moved to Malaysia, and in 1995, he came to ATV.Miraculously, once he went to ATV, he was warmly welcomed and soon got the chance to play the role of Fang Hewen in Goodbye Sunny Days.He went on to star in major dramas such as Interpol and 97 Chameleon.In fact, Lin Wei Chen was 35 years old when he took the emperor in 1997.But his facial features show young, the gentle temperament that a pair of golden silk glasses makes him more is promoted many, on appearance level or acting skill, he is inferior inspect one elder brother worthy of the name and “division milk killer”.When it comes to Lin Wei Chen’s most memorable role, it must be the male two Ye Lu Hao Nan in mu Guiying’s Breaking the Gate array.Lin Wei-Chen played ye Law Hao South jianmei xingmu Yushu Linfeng, although the villain, but impressive.In particular, he and Yang exhaust the emotional line, sweet and abuse, that year how many people for this PAIR of CP, was abused heart and liver pain?Lin Wei-chen and Wen Soon-han really have a sense of CP!‍ Count up, Lin Weichen most of the people have an impression of the role, are in ATV shot.Not only take drama, ATV also discovered Lin Wei Chen’s hosting talent, arranged him to host atV’s huangpai program “Today see true D” and Taiwan Celebration and other large programs.Guanzai bone bone Lin Weichen is really suitable for the host, the typhoon is very stable.In the ATV although mixed wind fresh water, but still still that sentence, ATV no one to see ah…Zhang Jiahui friendship out of the lens ~ so 2000, has a certain popularity of Lin Weichen decided to return to TVB, hoping to show in the old club.However, like all atV treatment at that time, Lin Wei Chen returned to TVB was not promoted, although he participated in several classic dramas such as Luo Shen, Chu Han Proud Hero and Dong Du Detective, but his role did not play a significant role.Later, in The Honor of Nine five, the role of Lin Wei Chen is very attractive.At first, he played the three childe polite, very friendly to subordinates, even “palace master” Li Shrimp were his kind worship, is a true gentleman.But then he becomes obsessed with power and jealousy, and eventually becomes a thoroughly hated and regrettable villain.Lin Wei Chen and Qin Pei also play father and son in Goodbye Sunny Day. Lin Wei Chen’s acting is also good, but people pay more attention to jiang Hua who plays Shrimp Lee.He returned to ATV in 2004.Return to inferior to see Lin Weichen is given important task again, filmed tender feeling drama “father both sides walk” and big make city drama “love falls in love night central”, can see inferior to see is really like Lin Weichen.It was also Lin’s last highlight moment, as ATV gradually went downhill, Lin’s career also began to decline.After ATV’s decline, Lin worked in the mainland for a while, but in 2016, TVB invited Lin to return to the place where her dream began.In recent years, TVB has reached the stage of a shortage of male actors. Many 50-year-old male artists with proper maintenance and audience base have been re-used, and Lin Weichen has also been able to play the role of a lawyer in “Step on the World”.Lin Weichen has been 54 years old to maintain a very good state, the figure is not out of shape, control the role of the lawyer easily, so the male god turned hot again, was praised by netizens.Lin Wei Chen also in this year finally get TVB signed to become a “child”, the end of half a life in TVB and ATV between repeatedly cross jump life.Lin has played a number of important roles in TVB in recent years. This year, his role as Yong Yan Kang in Truth Exchange was praised by netizens as a textbook villain performance.However, this film is Lin Weichen’s last play in TVB, Lin Weichen did not renew the contract with TVB this year, I don’t know if we can see Lin Weichen filming in the future?When it comes to feelings, Lin Weichen is actually atV TVB both grasp, well-known 2 ex-girlfriend is a Miss Asia is a Miss Hong Kong…Lin’s first circle girlfriend was Miss Asia 2004 winner Lu Jingjing.After entering the beauty industry, Lu joined ATV soon after, and her first drama was “Go On, Dad” with Lin Wei-chen.The two began a low-key romance in the drama, and later appeared together at an ATV gala, which exposed their 21-year gap.But after a reporter picked up the gossip about Lin and Lu Jingjing, it turned out that Lin weichen had secretly married years ago and had a daughter, so Lu Jingjing was crowned with the title of “mistress”.However, Lu jingjing has publicly denied that she started dating Lin Weichen after he divorced.The relationship lasted for four years and was briefly sweet, but ended amicably as both parties wanted to spend more time on their careers.In 2011, Lin Weichen once again dating circle girlfriend, this time and his 23 years of age difference failed Hong Kong sister Li Siya.Li Siya had run for sister Hong Kong in 2005, although she lost, but she was born in a sports family, she was also the 2000 Hong Kong hard court tennis champion, so TVB still signed Li Siya, and arranged for her to shoot drama and participate in “Sports World” and other hosting work.After the two fell in love, has been a high-profile love, often online show love.It was later said that Li siya had wanted to marry Lin weichen several times, but Lin had no intention of getting married. After many on-again, off-again dates, they broke up completely in 2017.Now, Lin weichen is still a single person, usually with friends, or play short video, also happy.TVB and ATV brilliant and backward, it seems that Lin Weichen can pry a little on the body.Inferior in those days inspect brilliant period, Lin Weichen career has a good wind, but as inferior inspect decline, again get reuse, also can helpless leave only.Three into three out of TVB, can also see that TVB as a big Taiwan arrogance, tube you are next door Taiwan grass or a brother, came to TVB will obey the work arrangement.Until later TVB also sunset, finally think of these will play next door Taiwan left beads, so one by one back to be treated well.However, they have wasted the most youthful years, and then a good opportunity, are no longer once high-spirited they.Do profound soul SPA and stylish story!Please share!Mua!!!E-sister gets a new Logo!The soul SPA of urban men and women is viewed with academic rigor in your circle without permission, declined to be reproduced