In “Coming to See You on a Snowy Day”, Gu Ailing once ran from Beijing’s second ring Road to the fourth ring Road

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In “Snowy Day to see You”, ski photographer Zhang Shaobo shot an interesting story about Gu Ailing, one of the protagonistsof “Young Zhi”. Ailing was obsessed with long-distance running at the age of 12 and 13, and ran from Beijing’s second ring road to the dining place of the fourth ring road. No wonder Xie Nan sighed that she was a born sportgirl!How much of Gu Ailing’s shine we don’t know.No, no, no, no one knows that Gu Ailing is a runner!Gu, who once ran from Beijing’s second ring road to the fourth ring Road, was the fastest 800-meter runner in 2 minutes and 36 seconds in middle school.Gu’s first choice in life was between running and skiing.You know, athletic people are good at everything.Unexpectedly, Gu Revealed in the documentary Gu Ailing: Me, 18 that she was also good at running before she chose skiing.Worthy of being a genius with full marks in sports, horseback riding and surfing are not to mention, there are so many hobbies and interests, how many possibilities are there for Ailing?Gu Is so persevering!It is because of such perseverance and self-discipline can be so excellent!True is amazing to, is I envy the physical ah.I really admire Gu Ailing’s persistence, worthy of being a sports girl and learning a lot from her.In 2019, gu Ailing, 15, was interviewed by SUPER MAGAZINE and answered quickly, “Live for yourself, because no one will live for you!”.That year, she won the gold medal at the ISAF World Cup Women’s slopestyle event Seiser Alm in Italy.Ps: The more I know, the more I like her, focusing on western culture education, super self-discipline, tenacity, sunshine and positive, she is really Einstein’s famous saying: “genius is one percent talent, ninety-nine percent perspiration.””Is the best confirmation.”She began professional running training in elementary school, finishing first in her age group in sixth grade, and her coach at the time considered her one of the top long-distance runners in California.In high school, she was the main force of the school track and field team and scored 19.09 in 4.8km cross-country run.Long-distance running is really very good, very good, can enhance the heart and lung function, can reduce fat, can exercise willpower, but also give mental workers enough free time, run!I’ve always envied long-distance runners!From the second ring to the fourth ring, but how far this distance, if I, I will be afraid, she, but can insist on this, this is the power of movement.Gu Is so good at sports that she feels her sister can do anything, while I just can’t do anything. Is this the difference between the champion and us? I really admire her for her talent in sports.Wow!Beauty and wisdom coexist of the little sister, so far away can go to the marathon bar, bang bang, skiing is not a word, feel that she has been very full every day.Her brilliance has also made countless netizens sigh with emotion: she learned skiing, horseback riding, archery, running, cross-country, swimming, surfing, rock climbing in her teens, and has an amazing memory…Great people don’t let themselves stop, they just get better and better.In fact, Gu Ailing has achieved so many achievements because of her persistence and talent in sports. I have always admired Gu Ailing. I did not expect her persistence in long-distance running, and I believe her patience will increase a lot because of these sports.