Cheng ‘an police emergency warning: spread!About the holiday after work!

2022-04-24 0 By

Cheng ‘an police here want to give us a small suggestion that migrant workers through the formal way and labor dispatch company to ask the real situation to be vigilant to distinguish between “pie” and “trap” END install “national anti-fraud center” official APP is under the current conditions to quickly curb the telecommunications network fraud crime effective means.Double protection, so that fraudsters seamless drilling!Please search the “national Anti-fraud center” APP in the major official app stores and download and register this app how to register and install you and I work together to anti-fraud more than one person to install less than one person was cheated please tell your loved ones around you to call around small partners download and use it!◕ source: Ping an Cheng ‘an ◕ Editor: Liu Monxue ◕ Editor: Chang Hutao ◕ Final Review: Cheng Shuxia ◕ Signed by: Li Jiefei Telephone: 0310–8605775◕ Address: Cheng ‘an County Rong Media Center Email: email