Britain felt it had the right to order the Hua Fa, but it found it “offensive” to issue a statement to the Falklands

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In the past, European countries used immigration to divide and expand their territories and assert their sovereignty.In addition, they often use their military power to occupy the territory of other countries.However, as society developed, more and more countries began to resist and claim back their territories.At present, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has attracted a lot of attention, Argentine President Fernandez also attended the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games at China’s invitation.During the Winter Olympic Games, President Argentinian also held friendly and cordial talks with The Chinese side and issued a joint statement on the Malvinas issue.China supports Argentina’s efforts to safeguard national sovereignty and says it will provide some help when there are difficulties.After the joint statement issued by China and Arab States, heated debates have arisen in various countries.It is reported that the Arab side has repeatedly sought the help of international organizations such as the United Nations, hoping that they could help it regain territory from the British.But even though the United Nations had warned Britain, Britain still went ahead and did not intend to give the Falklands back to Argentina.Due to the great military power of the UK, many countries could not intervene in this issue, but now That China has chosen to help Argentina, perhaps the situation will improve somewhat.The British were aware of this and immediately issued a statement.Recently, British Foreign Secretary Mark Truss wrote on his social media that the Malvinas belong to the UK, and China should respect their sovereignty and not interfere at will.In response, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in The UK said China’s position has never changed.According to international law and past history, the Falklands belong to Argentine territory.Britain’s claim is wrong, and China hopes Britain will realize its actions are inappropriate and return the Malvinas as soon as possible.Seeing that China’s closer cooperation with Argentina may even affect the UK, the UK has made a U-turn in its attitude and started to show goodwill towards China.The UK’s Office of Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency recently issued a joint statement confirming that China’s indigenous nuclear power technology hualong One meets the requirements and has been approved and issued a certificate.It is clear that the UK is trying to get China to change its tune, or at least stay neutral.However, China has repeatedly stressed the theme of peaceful and present interactions between countries. Hegemonism is a thing of the past, and all countries should make joint contributions to a multilateral society.Now, many countries in the United Nations have expressed their support for Argentina, and China also hopes that Britain will not cling to its own views, hurry to return the territory that does not belong to them, and restore the friendly relations between Britain and Argentina.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform.Some information reference source: Xinhua net