After 19 years of marriage, his wife was kicked out of the house at night

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Marry 19 years, think it is the happy marriage of sweet conjugality originally, unexpectedly hide nasty shocking.Original wife is a strange bedfellow with him all the time, original only daughter is not biological, more what let him chill is after divorce still is dispute of a house property endless.This, is hunan Changde man Shi Mou sheng encountered all……A surveillance video, accidentally exposed the truth, also uncovered the true face of his wife Liu X qing.At the age of 48, Shi mou Sheng and his ex-wife Liu Mou Qing have been married for 19 years. When they first met, Liu Mou Qing was only 23 years old, just like a flower.However, she just experienced a low point in life at that time, her mother died, and her ex-husband divorced, the double blow let Liu not from depression.Just at this time, Shi Mou sheng appeared, his care and romance to bring new vitality to liu Mou Qing’s life.So two people get married, who knows, 19 years of husband and wife finally become enemies.The divorce was initiated by Shi, who worked day and night to earn money for his family and had his fingers cut off while working.Liu X qing but love leisure, all day only know playing cards, resulting in him back home also can not eat a hot meal hot dishes.Of course, the most important thing is liu’s infidelity to the family, the eve of divorce he noticed that his wife’s attitude is something wrong.At that time, in order to provide better material conditions for his family, Shi proposed to work in Beijing. After all, there are more opportunities in big cities.Liu Is not willing to say how, once threatened to divorce, which makes shi feel she must be in The changde situation.Then installed monitoring in the home, the results found liu With the third floor of the tenant ambiguous, and the man rented the house or their home.Suddenly found his wife adultery, stone how not angry, immediately tenants away.At first he didn’t want to divorce his wife over the incident, but it was later a surveillance video that raised his doubts about his daughter’s parentage.The time of the video is about one or two in the morning, liu is not sleeping, but dressed up.You’re dressed up, you’re made up, and you don’t get back until morning.So unusual, let stone mou sheng think of the former wife is often not home.When he looked it up, his wife turned out to be a night girl and had been in the business for quite some time.Thinking of his wife’s special job, Seok began to wonder if his daughter was not his own.He and Liu were married for seven years and failed to have a son and a half daughter. He tried twice to have children, but only successfully gave birth to a daughter the third time.He was very happy to finally have a child.If this child is really not their own, that is not the pain of someone else’s daughter pain for more than ten years?With that in mind, he managed to get a hair from his daughter and sent it for DNA analysis.The results show that stone and Xiaoting no blood relationship, this, stone is a complete collapse of the odds.Firmly put forward to divorce, Liu X qing does not agree, that lawsuit divorce.”Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China” Article 179: If one party of husband and wife requests divorce, the relevant organization may conduct mediation or directly institute divorce proceedings in a people’s court.In handling divorce cases, the people’s court shall conduct conciliation;If mutual affection has broken down and mediation fails, divorce shall be allowed.The court did the appraisal again, and the result was still non-biological woman, plus the surveillance video provided by Seok.Two people this just divorce smoothly, can be after divorce, both sides bicker again because of the house matter.Liu has been living with their daughter in her ex-husband’s 800-square-meter house, but they refused to divorce, and Shi used electricity and water cuts.He was willing to evict all the tenants, and the rent was not small, so he could say that he had spent a lot of money.Liu had her own reasons for not leaving. She thought part of the house belonged to her.According to Shi, shi’s mother didn’t have enough money when she was building the house.Find three children each borrowed eighty thousand yuan, Liu Was with stone or husband and wife, naturally also helped out of the eighty thousand yuan.Later stone returned the money, Liu X qing did not admit, and think that since the money that has property rights.Liu put it another way, saying that the Shi family did not have that much money and that she paid for half of the house at night shows.Both sides argue endlessly for this, have to Sue the court posture again, is still deadlocked at present.This kind of dispute said trouble is trouble, said not trouble is not trouble, the house property certificate is written on the name of A Stone mother.Logically speaking, it has nothing to do with Liu X qing. After the death of The stone mother, it will be distributed to the children of the Stone family as a legacy. The inheritance or gift of the inheritance is indeed the common property of the couple.But that all don’t know is when, and Liu Qing and stone is now divorced, the stone mother’s legacy has nothing to do with her.Liu x qing said she gave money, so you have to pay proof, such as iOU kind.Similarly, if the stone home has repayment proof, Liu X qing no matter how entangled also useless.The trouble is that it takes so long to get to the bottom of the loan, it may take some time.Stone wins off the water and power practices can not drive Away Liu X qing, can only wait for the court decision, if the decision is not executed can apply for compulsory execution.